Just Breathe - Summer time Should Feel like a Breath of Fresh Air

Our Theme for JULY Enjoy Gathering: JUST BREATHE!

Did you know? Diaphragmatic breathing - deep breathing or belly breathing - can lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, relax muscles, decrease stress, and increase energy levels. Deep breathing grounds us so we feel safe and balanced for our busy lives.

Summer time should feel like a great big breath of fresh air, but our lives are filled with such hustle and bustle we hardly get a chance to just breathe.

And as much as we might believe that we need time for self care, we don’t always practice it, nor do we feel we have time to just breathe. Life is just too busy.

We are here to find ways to just breathe - and I mean that very literally. We have forgotten the power of breathing deeply, the beautiful interactive exchange with nature - one breath at a time.

We will be exploring techniques that leave us feeling recharged, rejuvenated and reconnected to your life!

As always, we welcome community spirit, co-creative energies, cooperation and collaboration with all of life as summer brings the warmth and nourishment to grow deeply, fully and completely.

We will share healthy food and drink that nourishes our bellies and energizes our minds! We are so excited to share this time with you!

Sunday, July 28th, 11am-3 pm at ProBiz Centre
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Here's What to Expect at this month's Enjoy Gathering:
11:00 Opening Circle and Introductions
11:15 Meditation: Breathing into the Now
11:30 Relaxation techniques with Debbie
12:00 Lunch Break - Potluck
12:30 Carly Kikkert - RAPID NFR Specialist, RMT and Reiki master in Stony Plain
1:30 Developing a Relationship with the Body for Deeper Relaxation - Theresa de Rox
2:15 Jennilee Barazzuol with Welcome Om Studio
2:45 Closing Ceremony

Enjoy Gathering is here to raise awareness, raise funds and raise the roof for our community! including local holistic health practitioners, energy healers, thought leaders, health enthusiasts, and earth lovers, in general!

We bring helpful tools and resources that will assist us in finding and practicing JOY ~ even in the midst of our hectic, busy, chaotic lives.

Learn more about alternative health resources such as Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine and many other holistic modalities.

Join in ceremony and rituals that remind us to deepen our daily practice of whole living. Join our monthly Gatherings!
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