Soul Celebration with Martin Kerr & Sound Bath Ceremony with Marcus Fung

Let's bring on summer with a SOUL CELEBRATION and musical EXTRAVAGANZA!

Our Theme for JUNE Enjoy Gathering: SOUL CELEBRATION

JOIN us as we celebrate the beginning of summer with a live concert with Martin Kerr and other amazing musicians! BONUS! Help us celebrate the BIG 60 for Theresa de Rox!

Celebration is an important aspect of living a full, rich and joyful life, and the Summer Solstice is one of those times that invite our full and conscious participation in the celebration!

This is an especially significant celebration because our founder/co-creator of Enjoy Gathering, Theresa de Rox, turns 60 years young and invites you to celebrate with her in this intimate musical extravaganza!

As always, we welcome community spirit, co-creative energies, cooperation and collaboration with all of life as summer brings the warmth and nourishment to grow deeply, fully and completely.

Our new ideas, the new beginnings of spring turn into the blooming, flourishing and intense growth of summer.We will share healthy food and drink that nourishes our bellies and energizes our minds - if you consider LOTS of birthday cake healthy, lol! Ha ha!

We are so excited to share this time with you! Woo hoo!Sunday, June 23rd, 2-5 pm at ProBiz Centre

Limited seating, so get your tickets TODAY! Join the Gathering!

Here's What to Expect at this month's Enjoy Gathering:

2:00 Opening Circle and Introductions

2:15 Meditation: Celebration of Light

2:30 Martin Kerr in Concert

3:30 Break, Snacks, Birthday Cake - Woo hoo!

4:00 Marcus Fung, Singing Bowls ~ Celebration of Sound

4:30 Co-creative Dance and Song

5:00 END

Enjoy Gathering is here to raise awareness, raise funds and raise the roof for our local holistic health practitioners, energy healers, thought leaders, health enthusiasts, and earth lovers, in general!We bring helpful tools and resources that will assist us in finding and practicing JOY ~ even in the midst of our hectic, busy, chaotic lives.Learn more about alternative health resources such as Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine and many other holistic modalities. Join in ceremony and rituals that remind us to deepen our daily practice of whole living.

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