Re-Discover, Re-Design Your World with Permaculture

Re-Discover / Re-Design Your World with Permaculture

Not a new idea, but a fresh one that's becoming the way of sustainable living. Join us! Register today!

Working WITH nature, not against it. That's the basic premise of permaculture * and the concepts can be applied to many aspects of our lives, not just the environment/land that we live on.

If you've ever considered yourself a good steward of the land, a conscious citizen of Mother Earth, then don't miss out on this adventure with Kurtis Ewanchuk, Expanding Edge, and the Enjoy Gathering Team. Join us Sunday, May 26th, 11am-3pm.

*Permaculture is a design system which sprang up during the 1970s oil crisis, a reaction to food insecurity and the desire for self-reliance. Combining attitude and practical application, it encompasses anything from recycling, reusing and regenerating, to simply observing.

When applied to gardening it suggests that not only can we grow food almost anywhere - from fruit shrubs in patio pots to vines on fences - but we can get higher yields with less effort simply by mimicking nature.In contrast to many modern agricultural methods, a natural growing system sustains a continuous cycle, with dead plants becoming mulch for new growth.

Permaculture gardening seeks to recreate this cycle, turning food waste into valuable compost and replacing slug pellets and weed-killers with natural predators and natural competition.