Our MARCH Enjoy Gathering: AWAKENING

The sun is a salve to the soul.

Especially during this part of the year, our bodies begin to crave its warmth and energy. It beckons us to awaken, slowly, gently, tenderly, every moment of every day. Do we answer its call? 

As the light warms our earth and invites new growth, we are warmed, our earth re-energized, revitalized. Do we notice? Do we welcome it into our daily practice?

We will explore AWAKENING our bodies, minds, souls so that we can greet each day with greater awareness. 

We will welcome new ideas, new beginnings, new ways to enjoy our lives more fully, more deeply, more completely.

We will share healthy food and drink that nourishes our bellies and energizes our minds.

Here's What to Expect at this month's Enjoy Gathering: