Our Very Own Local Elder - Ken Lucyk

Ken Lucyk

Alberta Mobile Marketing

Deal Locally

Well, we have our very own local elder with us now.

Please welcome Ken Lucyk!

I met Ken through the ProBiz Centre, a friendly fellow who has a passion for helping small businesses stay relevant in the ever-changing marketing world! He attended several of the Coffee Connections for entrepreneurs and small business owners wanting to stay in touch with one another.

I didn’t know it then, just how community-focussed Ken was, but I hope you read the full length of his bio - and give him a shout out - he’s done some amazing things for our community over the years!

When I invited Ken to be an “elder” of our community, I reassured him that eldership is not based on age, but on community service. When he agreed, we were THRILLED! He sees himself as a “true Albertan”! And we are proud to have him as our first ELDER of this co-creative community, Enjoy Gathering!

“Ken is a true Albertan, born and raised in Edmonton. His father worked for the Edmonton Journal, so instead of an allowance, Ken was selling papers in downtown Edmonton for spending money. The family moved to a new house, in what was then a new area, when Ken turned 14. His father then got him a newspaper route. Problem was, school was about 2 miles away, and the newspaper route was from a newspaper drop site about 1/3 of the way home.

“He then had to transport the papers about ½ mile before beginning the route. To solve this problem, he finally talked his parents into letting him have a Honda Super Cub. He paid for it over the next year by delivering papers after school and then delivering prescriptions and working in a drugstore after school and weekends.

“The Honda Super Cub evolved into a life long fascination with motorcycles. In his late teens he raced scrambles, now called motocross. Ken worked at Alberta Cycle summers and for a brief time when he left school. He and his wife traveled through Alberta, British Columbia Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota via motorcycle.

“Norm Green, one of the owners at Alberta Cycle offered Ken the Parts Manager position if he would get his parts papers, a new program, offered in the automotive business. He then went on a journey, working for various auto dealers in the automotive business, from parts person to outside sales to Parts Manager. He never did get back to Alberta Cycle.

“Ken started work at Fuhr Ford Mercury in the fall of 1972, and bought a house in stony Plain in 1974. He joined the Lions Club of Stony Plain in 1977 and became secretary that same year. He transferred to Leduc in 1978, and became president there after he took on the position of Parts Manager at Deryk Thorn Ford Sales. Over 42 years Ken belonged to four Lions Clubs and served as President of three of them. He has held all offices in a Lions Club and was a 100% President, 100% Secretary and 100% Treasurer. Ken served thirteen years on the Lions District 37G Cabinet, three times as Deputy District Governor, and was nominated as District Governor, but unfortunately had to decline the position.

“In 1983, Ken formed a company with three additional shareholders and established the Parkland Bingo Centre in 1984, which enabled local community organizations to raise funds for their endeavours. He managed that for 10 years. During that time, he was also a director of the Spruce Grove Friends in Recreation Foundation and a Director of the Progressive Conservative Association of Stony Plain.

“Ken purchased an Academy of Learning franchise in 1994 and operated a Private Vocational College in Edmonton until the end of the century. They taught the business and computer skills necessary to obtain employment in the rapidly changing business world.

“Along with motorcycles, Ken developed a passion for computers and how they could aid people to accomplish more. To this end, he established Deal Locally Inc. to aid local independent businesses in marketing their products to the community in 2008 and Alberta Mobile Marketing in 2012 to put businesses on their customer’s phone.

“He now enjoys working with mostly small businesses, marketing and equipping them with today’s tools to increase their business. He is still very active in the community with the Lions Club and serving on the board of the Parkland Area Volunteer Action Committee (PAVAC).”