Joy is an Inside Job


Joy is an inside job! #joyfulliving #enjoygathering #joy

During a very busy and somewhat hectic season, joy can feel quite out of reach. Until we realize that joy is an inside job.

We have been taught to look for it outside of ourselves, but we create our own emotions, we are responsible for how we feel. We must be proactive in how we are reacting or responding to each encounter, each conversation, each circumstance.

Taking a moment to reconnect with what is important to us, what really matters... taking time to practice being actively engaged in each moment - as often as we can throughout the day.

It doesn't have to be in a yoga studio or on a massage table, it simply means a breath here and there that relaxes our bodies and frees our minds from the stress mode, the fight, flight or freeze modes that consume most of our energy and time. Try it out right now. And breathe! :)