This is Me...

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I come from a long line of givers, servants of the heart, beautiful souls who believe in a benevolent universe, who trust that life, with all its meanderings, is nevertheless meant to be lived fully, completely, unapologetically free. For that I am immensely grateful.

Over the course of my life, I have been blessed to experience deep, intense moments of true community, of breaking bread together with like-minded souls, of sharing in song and dance and laughter and tears, of holy moments, of awe and wonder and miracles, but also moments of shared humanity, of profound grief and loss and separation and sadness and abandonment and disappointment and pain.

So I stepped away for awhile, I stepped away from all of it thinking that I had lost everything, my family, my passion, my purpose, my reason to live… I distanced myself so I might not feel the pain, I busied myself so I might not remember the grief, I protected and shielded myself, putting a smile on my face so life wouldn’t ask any more of me; I buried, I hid, thinking I would be safe…

But I woke up from that nightmare gasping for air, realizing that this was how it felt to slip away in the night, in the dark, my life essence slowly, quietly, apathetically draining from my weary bones… how many years wasted, unfelt, untouched, unlived. Yes, I woke up realizing that I was dying a slow death, not even having truly lived, not even having time to say goodbye to my loved ones.

I’m not hiding anymore, I’m not wasting anymore time, I’m not playing small or insignificant, I’m no longer willing to hold back my shine, my radiance, my beauty, my love, my heart, my voice, my right and privilege and honour to live a full life, a whole life, a joyful life, come what may.

So this, I built this, Enjoy Gathering, so you would come… so you would join me in realizing just how much life there is to live, just how much joy there is to be shared, just how much possibility is available to us in any given moment. Let us gather together to live a joyful life!


I'm here to "share" with you as I am "sharing" with myself that I have the right AND the privilege, indeed, the honour to be free, to live in joy, to explore what that means for me.

That's one of the many reasons "Enjoy Gathering" is my focus, my passion, my purpose.

For the joy of sharing! Please visit our new co-creative group - called "Enjoy Gathering:

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