For the Joy of Sharing

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Sharing is one of my deepest joys. I have been a giver/sharer from day one, and I know how to do it really well. But sometimes I forget to also give to myself...

"Self care" has become quite the cliché these days, but really, like, really, if we cannot give to ourselves then our well of aliveness is quickly drained, our abundant richness is easily depleted and our fullness becomes emptiness and loneliness.

It's no longer a reciprocal life-giving process if our giving is not also receiving graciously, if our sharing is not also repaid with kindness to ourselves. Believe me, I know. #beentheredonethat

This last year has been one of the toughest years of my life, for various reasons, unprocessed accumulated grief, to name the big one. But mostly, for years my self worth was based on serving others. Down deep in my belief systems, tending to my own needs was considered selfish, self-centred and self-serving so I was wrapped up in giving and giving and giving in order to feel loved.

Maybe some of you can relate. We all have some belief systems that have kept us bound to cultural, societal or religious norms/standards/expectations. But we don't have to live/be/do that anymore.

I'm here to "share" with you as I am "sharing" with myself that I have the right AND the privilege, indeed, the honour to be free, to live in joy, to explore what that means for me.

That's one of the many reasons "Enjoy Gathering" is my focus, my passion, my purpose.

For the joy of sharing! Please visit our new co-creative group - called "Enjoy Gathering:

Share with yourself and with others today! #enjoygathering #enjoylife #enjoysharing