Since the beginning of time people have gathered together to provide support, foster healing, connect to ancestral heritage, inspire morality, serve the needy, work for justice, and share a common story to make sense of their surroundings and bind them together in community. Through song, dance, storytelling, and sharing of food, they celebrated the journey that is life.

We’ve lost touch with this kind of gathering. In an age of hyperconnectivity, we’ve lost touch with the human element that brings meaning to our lives, purpose to our hearts, and joy to our souls.

There is an awakening to gather again: To co-create conscious community, one Gathering at a time.

our vision

Living a Joyful Life

Our Mission

We gather together to explore joy in our daily choices, in our styles of living, encouraging joyful practices for ourselves, for our communities and as good stewards of Mother Earth.

our purpose

We believe that by living and encouraging others in joyful living, we will promote optimal health & vitality, help build, maintain and sustain quality of life, and contribute to a thriving community.

[Please note: A portion of the proceeds will support such community members who may not have the means to choose local alternative health practitioners such as acupuncture, massage therapy, reflexology, reiki, and/or other holistic resources, for their health and well-being.]

Enjoy Gathering provides a foundation for co-creating community gatherings, networks and practices that promote joyful living.

A platform for creative entrepreneurs, holistic health practitioners and environmentally aware visionaries, strategists and thought leaders, Enjoy Gathering promotes health and wholeness, and encourages the practice of joyful living.

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