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May 2019: Re-Discover, Re-Design Your World with Permaculture


There is an awakening to gather for support, for healing, for growth : Let's dig deep into what it takes to re-discover our relationship with our environment: re-design and re-develop sustainable living for ourselves, for our community!

Enjoy Gathering is here to raise funds, raise awareness and raise the ROOF for joyful living! We bring practical tools and resources that will assist us in finding and practicing JOY ~ even in the midst of our hectic, busy, chaotic lives.

But we need your help! Let's co-create greater opportunities for those who can't afford alternative health practitioners! Let's gather to share tools and resources, enjoy time together, celebrate while contributing to the well-being of ourselves, our families, our community!

Our Theme for MAY Enjoy Gathering: Re-Discover, Re-Design

This month we will be exploring the concept of Permaculture - re-discovering our relationship with the land, the environment: then re-designing and developing the methods and principles through which sustainable patterns may be applied to our own lives, properties, and communities.

As we come together to plant trees in our community, we will come to appreciate the importance of understanding pattern theory, developing our abilities to see, hear, and recognize patterns in nature.

We will Re-Discover our relationship with our environment so we can Re-Design and Re-Develop healthy, sustainable practices for our physical, emotional and spiritual life systems. This, in turn, promotes joyful living.

We will welcome new (and old) ideas, and explore ways to enjoy our lives more fully, more deeply, more completely, more joyfully.

We will share healthy food and drink that nourishes our bellies and energizes our minds.

Join the Gathering!

Here's What to Expect at this month's Enjoy Gathering:
11:00 Opening Circle
11:10 Meditation and Movement
11:30 Presenter: Kurtis Ewanchuk with Expanding Edge Permaculture
12:00 “Guerilla” Tree Planting for our Community
1:30 Picnic Lunch (Please bring a bag lunch or something that can be easily carried with you during our adventure.)
2:30 Sharing Circle: Delighting in our accomplishments
2:50 Closing Ceremony

Learn more about alternative health resources such as Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi, Hypnotherapy and many other holistic modalities. Join in ceremony and rituals that remind us to deepen our daily practice of whole living.

Please join us for encouragement, education and empowerment as we Enjoy Gathering!

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