Presenter Level Annual Membership


Presenter Level Annual Membership


Presenter Level (2-3 Presenters per monthly event, 13 total, committed to 3 of 12 monthly gatherings, 45-60 min presentations) 

  • Will receive 50% of proceeds per the event they are organizing. From that 50%, funds will be distributed with equanimity amongst those presenting. In addition, Presenters will receive 30% as Presenter Level Contributors for each gathering even if they are not presenting.

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Being part of the Gathering as a Presenter/Facilitator

  • Access to a wealth of experience and expertise found within the Gathering, other highly qualified Facilitators/Joyful Co-Creators

  • Exposure for yourself, your business through online Directory, & social platforms

  • Promotion throughout the year via website & social platforms, community boards

  • Member-only monthly promotions for health and wellness products and services

  • Networking with other like-minded business owners

  • Connections with community thought leaders/strategists

  • Only required to present at 3 monthly events*, but invited and encouraged to attend and support other events (*If we have 13 Practitioners at Presenter Level) 

  • Generous compensation (percentage of the proceeds) even when not organizing/running the events 

  • Contribute to Enjoy Gathering Foundation’s non-profit efforts to support a vibrant community